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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Annoying Neighbours!

    Christ I've been listening to a loud head banging techno club music since seven this morning! I can't work and write please beam my neighbours up Scotty! I think they are having an exteded party from last night. Only god knows what they've eaten because I definitely don't want it at this time of the day. 

   Can somebody please give any suggestions to stop the noise.  I tried asking them to turn the b****y music down but ignored me.  I can't concentrate with my work. Oh hang on the music stopped! Could this be a result? Nope here we go again......... I so not want trouble today so wish me luck! Hopefully I get to finish my next story.

See you soon


  1. hello mrs ted! my first time here on you very nice blog. i was quite intrigued by the few posts i've read so more likely, i'll be coming back here soon to continue my reading! see you and take care!

  2. I guess, you can put an earplugs on your ears to minimize the sound or the better if it gets rid the noise before your patience lost to call the police for peace. :)

    Thanks for dropping-by! Have a great day.. :))