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Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Job

          When I started that morning I wasn’t really sure what was expected of me.  I was sent to follow Roy around to show me what to do.  When Isabella told me in my interview that the job involved doing everything she meant “EVERYTHING”.   There was only three staff me, Roy and Deidre the breakfast lady.   So we all have to muck in specially me and Roy to do everything.

            In the morning as early as 6.30am Deidre comes in from Monday to Saturday to serve breakfast until 9am.  Then it was our turn to cover breakfast if we still have some guests left or any walk in customers. When the coast was clear we started clearing the rooms, check out usually between seven and nine.   We would then have tea break around eleven and if all the rooms were done we then clean the pub and restaurant to get it ready for lunch.  Since the place was open all day we also check guests in, answer the phone, check internet bookings, clean, wash linens, iron and whatever else it was that Isabella wanted done.  The best way to describe the morning was absolute and utter chaos.

            The afternoon was a lot calmer. Not a soul in site so I got a break between three and six. Roy usually just sat outside smoking just in case somebody comes in.  At this time I could really do with the break I was very exhausted, as soon as I got in my room I dived into my bed and had an afternoon nap.  I felt much better having the nap which became a habit afterwards.

            Evening work was very different from morning.  There was more interaction with people.  Guests started coming down for their evening meals, locals came in to have a drink before heading home for their dinner.   Mr Ted popped in for a drink and chatted with the locals.  I didn’t get much chance to speak to him as I was very busy.  He waved goodbye and promised to be back sometime later.   Isabella was a little calmer and getting ready to do her evening shop for food supply (she did her shopping at night to get good bargains). We were quite busy that night so I had to help Roy in the kitchen cook, wash up and serve.  I was running around like a headless chicken trying to serve and please everyone.

            Just when I was getting a little order in the place Isabella came back from shopping it was just a little after nine.  She entered the room in a jolly good mood greeting everyone like her best friend.  She was so different from the woman I saw in the morning.  I then helped Roy unload the shopping in the kitchen and cellar.  I saw Mr Ted in the bar as I came back up from the cellar being served by Isabella.  He’s had a change of clothes and shower which made him look a lot better, I thought.  We chatted in between service and he stayed until closing time. It was hard work and long hours but I enjoyed myself at the end of the evening I did hope for it to get easier though.  I slept right through the night for the very first time. 

            Please come back and read my next story.  Find out what Isabella and Roy are like. Thank you for reading.

See you soon

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