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A life story of love, success and failure. A compilation of thoughts and experiences in real life ........

Friday, 25 February 2011

Memorable Day

           Since I didn’t sleep well the night before I got ready quite early to meet Isabella the next day.  She however didn’t get out of her bedroom until after 9am.  I was still oblivious of my fate up until now.  She hasn’t given me indication whether she’s taking me on.  When she finally came down she insisted for both of us to have breakfast and talked about things unrelated to the job at all.  Meanwhile she was telling Roy what to do in between mouthful. She then got up left me again and didn’t see her until after 12pm.

            The pub was quiet only one or two customers came in during this time.  I can only assume they were locals.  They were wearing dirty work clothes which I believed to be either builders or farm workers. I have to admit everyone I met was very friendly.  They spoke to me like they’ve known me for a while.  I can only imagine this is village life. 

            Isabella finally turned up by this time I was already anxious to know if I’ve got the job or not then get a move on.  She asked me for more information about my rent agreement told me about the wages and notice required on both sides etc., etc..  The money wasn’t good and the hours are long but I needed a job and place to live. 

            While we were discussing about my living situation a customer came in.  He was wearing black work polo shirt with building company logo, braces designed as a tape measure attached to his jeans and brown boots. When he ordered a pint of cider I was introduced to him as the new member of staff.  I was a bit surprise because up until this moment I wasn’t told I got the job.  I had to make a quick decision and made affirmation to the gentleman. 

            The gentleman was Mr Ted.  He quietly sat by the door and listened to the conversation which at this time became an open discussion as Isabella has a habit of speaking loudly enough for all to hear.  Mr Ted moved by the fireplace after getting his second pint.  I was mesmerized by his light blue eyes and very friendly deep voice.  I felt so rude that I was almost staring at him but I didn’t think he noticed.  We were trying to work out my travel plans for moving in when he kindly offer to pick me up from my flat 40 miles away.  I asked him how much he would charge and said “nothing” but I insisted to rather pay so he just said “a tenner (£10) will do”.  I had to ask him twice just to make sure he’s for real!  His petrol will cost a lot more than that.  It’s hard to imagine anyone doing such a thing anymore in this day and age.

            All in agreement we’ve exchanged numbers and arranged time and day.  Isabella offered to drop me off the bus station which I gladly accepted.  On the way to the station  Isabella briefed me about Mr Ted.  In her words “he is nice just recently separated from his partner and he likes to drink”.  My answer to Isabella “he was only helping me move in....”

            Please come back and read what happened next.  Do leave some comments and share your true life experiences.  Have you been in a similar situation?  Thank you for reading.

See you soon

Thank God It's Friday

           Yes indeed!  Just want to share few thoughts before I get on with my next story.  Thank you for the support and comments I received from you all.  Please do continue reading. 

            It is Friday and planning stuff to do for the weekend already.  England and France playing against each other on Rugby Six Nations tomorrow, that means a day out to the pub woop, woop!  A band will be playing down the local so after rugby will probably go for a bite to eat, get washed and ready to party.  Sunday is a chill out day for obvious reason I will quite possibly be suffering with massive hang over from the night before (I meant the early morning, ha!).

            I hope you all enjoy your weekend spending your days with family and friends.  I only have one suggestion have fun, fun, fun, fun, fun and more fun!!!!!!   Get it?!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Interview

           Due to my lack of finance I pursued jobs offering positions with accommodation and possibly no bills.  Well after a couple of weeks of hard work, web surfing, non-stop telephone calls and continuous chasing of prospective employers I finally got lucky!  I managed to arrange an interview for Sunday 40 miles from where I was staying at the time.

             Thinking how much money I have left (not a lot!) I answered to job advertising for general assistant in a licensed B&B.  It wasn’t ideal but knowing that I am running out of money and time I managed to convince the lady  at the other end of the phone (which I found out later  was a man who sounded like a woman-quite embarrassing I know!) that I was the right person for the job.  I was invited to the most extraordinary and unforgettable interview of my life.  I can still remember it like it was today.

            I didn’t have a car so I had to take a bus, train and taxi to get to this interview.  The place was located in a tiny village with no public transport running frequently.  It looked very tired from outside with massive two and a half acre garden, restaurant, function room and eight en-suite bedrooms.  Hesitation crept in while staring at this old building but desperation got the better of me and decided to give it a try.

            As I opened the door it brought me to an open bar, fire place on the right with one elderly gentleman (which later on I found called Chuck) quietly sat by the fire with a pint of beer in his hand somewhat a little unusual appearance with messy gray hair wearing bright yellow coat, dirty old trousers and wellington boots.  Next to him was a middle aged couple having a drink which appeared to be waiting for their meals.  On my left the restaurant with laminate wood flooring and a fish tank looking like it could do with a good clean as you can barely see the fish swimming if they’re not already dead.   I was greeted by another elderly gentleman in his smelly green coat which appeared to be the landlord but wasn’t.  Roy was pleasant and soft spoken with the familiar voice - it was him I spoke to on the phone.

            I was waiting for about ten minutes when a lady in her mid-sixty wearing a bright pink wellington boots, garden gloves, scruffy raincoat and messy blond hair turned up speaking and swearing on top of her voice in the middle of the pub in front of the customers.  She was Isabella the owner.  She spoke to me briefly, explained the job in simple terms “doing everything” then asks me to stay overnight to see if I like it and instructed Roy to show me around. I didn’t see her again until an hour later.  She left me to get on her tractor and mow the back garden!  She then came back and told me to mingle and disappeared again.  There wasn’t a soul in the pub except Roy the bar man smoking outside! I was left on my own wondering what I got myself into.  

            Please come and read my story again and find out what happened after my interview.  The names of the people in my story have been changed to protect their privacy. All events are my true and real experiences. Please leave a comment and share your true life experiences.  Anything like this happened to you before? Thank you for reading.

See you soon

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Journey

          Not long ago I had everything I could possibly ask for, family, beautiful children, money, nice cars, house and business.   Then one day I woke up and they’d all gone!  I lost my business and the house.  I got separated with my children and my husband of 15 years to whom I’ve given my unconditional love and devotion has cheated on me.  Everything I had seemed to disappear overnight without my control.  I’d like to believe that I tried to do everything to keep them all together but it was too late for life’s realisation.  The mistake I’ve done in life is just unthinkable for any normal person to even comprehend.  I can only hope that my love ones can forgive me in time.  

            The journey begins here.  I had to try another life.  A simple life a lot less complicated.   They say life begins at forty so I have to give it another shot.  Get a job, live somewhere else where no one knows me and use my other name for a new beginning.  I had it all planned out but with little money in my pocket I have to do it very, very quick indeed.  A woman living on her own in this cheap shared accommodation in the middle of council state is quite daunting.

            My computer is one of the few little luxury in life I have left and I was on it day in day out searching for work.  Work with possible accommodation thrown in to get me out of the situation I was in.  This way I can possibly save my wages if I don’t have to pay rent and utility bills.  However, there aren’t many jobs that advertised with accommodation except for hospitality. I know its long hours and very unsociable because I’ve done it before in the past, but it will do.  

            After thorough search, patience and perseverance the power of internet performed a miracle, I got my first interview!  Hope started to flow in my veins again and the prospect of a new life has given me positive attitude towards life.  I can look forward to living again.  So if you say the journey of life begins when you were born I can only perceive that you are yet to start your journey.   Your journey of life begins when you realise how good life is and how good life can be only you can make it happen.   Mine begins here ...

            I hope you enjoyed reading this.  Please do come back and read what happened to my interview.  I have met the most amazing people in my life.  Please leave comments if you can I am very interested in sharing your thoughts about my experiences. 

See you soon