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Monday, 28 February 2011


           Wednesday 1pm I received an unexpected phone call from Mr Ted.  When his name came up on my mobile my heart beat accelerated I wasn’t expecting his call until after six because that was the time we arranged for him to pick me up.  I said to myself that if he was to cancel or change the day I will decline the offer and not go ahead with the job, I was still reluctant to work for Isabella.  It was the opposite Mr Ted had finished early and would like to pick me up sooner.  I texted him my full address to program in his sat nav and promised to be there in an hour or so.

            I rushed packing and waited for him.  An hour had past then I received another call from him explaining his sat nav got lost.  I presumed that his sat nav wasn’t able to tell a one way system so we’ve arranged to meet up by the pub without realizing that I’ve only seen this man once and very briefly.  I did remember the blond hair and blue eyes however I thought he’s a little taller than last I seen him perhaps because I was wearing my trainers and not my high heel shoes. As I approached a big smile of relief was quite obvious in his face, so was mine I think he recognized me instantly.  It was like a scene of two long lost friends meeting again.

            On the way back I tried to get as much information from Mr Ted about the village and the people I’m going to work for.  He was very pleasant but only answers my questions without elaborating things.  I made a point of telling that I find him quiet, big mistake!   As we got near the village he drove me around the area showed me his family’s house, friend’s farm and took me to meet Frankie his horse.  When we got to my work place he offered to take me to the local pub that night to meet the village folks which I gladly accepted. 

            The pub was busy that night and everyone knew him.  I got introduced to so many people I didn’t remember a name at all.  Everyone was very friendly and accommodating however I felt a little awkward as all eyes on us.  I found out later it was the first time he walked in the pub with a lady friend for three years.   Someone no one knew.

We eventually got a chance to sit down when my phone started beeping with text messages.  Just for a laugh I showed him what was on the message.  It was my flat mate asking me if I have a boyfriend.   He told me to text him back to say “no, but he’s working on it”.  I took it as a joke and didn’t make a fuss.  I had no intention of another relationship at the time.  The wound from my past was still fresh and soar. 

We didn’t stay very late that night due to me starting work the next day.  I had a wonderful time with him and sensed chemistry between us.  It was the first time I truly enjoyed a male company for a while.

Please come and read what happened on my first day at work.   Please leave a comment and share your life experiences. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Wow, its nice that you and Mr. Ted are getting to know each other better. ;) I really had fun reading your story. I started from the 1st post up to here. Hope you can update us soon. :D