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Friday, 25 February 2011

Thank God It's Friday

           Yes indeed!  Just want to share few thoughts before I get on with my next story.  Thank you for the support and comments I received from you all.  Please do continue reading. 

            It is Friday and planning stuff to do for the weekend already.  England and France playing against each other on Rugby Six Nations tomorrow, that means a day out to the pub woop, woop!  A band will be playing down the local so after rugby will probably go for a bite to eat, get washed and ready to party.  Sunday is a chill out day for obvious reason I will quite possibly be suffering with massive hang over from the night before (I meant the early morning, ha!).

            I hope you all enjoy your weekend spending your days with family and friends.  I only have one suggestion have fun, fun, fun, fun, fun and more fun!!!!!!   Get it?!

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