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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Journey

          Not long ago I had everything I could possibly ask for, family, beautiful children, money, nice cars, house and business.   Then one day I woke up and they’d all gone!  I lost my business and the house.  I got separated with my children and my husband of 15 years to whom I’ve given my unconditional love and devotion has cheated on me.  Everything I had seemed to disappear overnight without my control.  I’d like to believe that I tried to do everything to keep them all together but it was too late for life’s realisation.  The mistake I’ve done in life is just unthinkable for any normal person to even comprehend.  I can only hope that my love ones can forgive me in time.  

            The journey begins here.  I had to try another life.  A simple life a lot less complicated.   They say life begins at forty so I have to give it another shot.  Get a job, live somewhere else where no one knows me and use my other name for a new beginning.  I had it all planned out but with little money in my pocket I have to do it very, very quick indeed.  A woman living on her own in this cheap shared accommodation in the middle of council state is quite daunting.

            My computer is one of the few little luxury in life I have left and I was on it day in day out searching for work.  Work with possible accommodation thrown in to get me out of the situation I was in.  This way I can possibly save my wages if I don’t have to pay rent and utility bills.  However, there aren’t many jobs that advertised with accommodation except for hospitality. I know its long hours and very unsociable because I’ve done it before in the past, but it will do.  

            After thorough search, patience and perseverance the power of internet performed a miracle, I got my first interview!  Hope started to flow in my veins again and the prospect of a new life has given me positive attitude towards life.  I can look forward to living again.  So if you say the journey of life begins when you were born I can only perceive that you are yet to start your journey.   Your journey of life begins when you realise how good life is and how good life can be only you can make it happen.   Mine begins here ...

            I hope you enjoyed reading this.  Please do come back and read what happened to my interview.  I have met the most amazing people in my life.  Please leave comments if you can I am very interested in sharing your thoughts about my experiences. 

See you soon


  1. I really love your story. I think you're a tough person. I hope people learn a lesson from reading reading this. I look forward to the next one. Lou

  2. It really does put everything into perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it's very brave of you to do that. Keep going :) life is full of chances.